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Using the IBAN for transfers

IBAN, or international bank account number, is an international standard among banks to help make cross-border transactions easier. Enables banks to identify accounts in other countries with less complications. The IBAN is composed of 27 characters for Europe and up to 34 other countries. Is recognized internationally, but this system has been designed and used primarily in Europe.

The United States does not participate in this system, so if you have an account in the United States, you will not have an IBAN. To obtain this number from an International Bank, all you have to do is ask them. Sometimes it is easy to find online.

The characters that make up the IBAN follows some very strict rules. In fact, if the format below, you can find out what all of those numbers really mean. XE is a decoder that allows you to do just that. It’s no secret, but it is a useful tool to know what does it really mean the IBAN number.

Is ISO standard 13616 explaining the correct IBAN structure. This document is available online through To get a national IBAN format registration for a particular country, must be submitted by a national standards body or by a Central Bank. There are preserved documents that detail the specifics of IBAN formats of countries that follow the ISO 13616 standard, and is available online as well.

IBAN usually follows a format like this: IBAN GB20 LOYD 3292 1722 1267 22. This format can vary from country to country. At times the length it will be different and depending on which country is.

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