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Other ways to send money abroad

Program to send funds to Europe but too confused about what type of wire should I use? Well not because we will be showing you different transfer options that allows you to send money to your loved ones.

There are actually several points to consider when sending money via cables. Firstly, the recipient Bank has access to your bank account? Secondly, the recipient country provides transfer services? And thirdly, how significant is the transfer mode for the recipient?

Below are the most common type of sending money to Europe.

Bank transfer

Regarded as one of the most ancient method of sending funds, such a transfer requires both sides have bank accounts. The fee runs about $ 40. This is usually recommended if you are sending funds to about 3-4 digits.

Offline services

The most popular method of sending money to Europe, this type of transfer limits sending money to a certain amount. Also spending a considerable amount of percentage of 7% of your total money to be transferred. On the contrary, although quite high and costs, this method of transfer is seen be sure sending money. However, this payment method is not available in all countries. Although a second channel will be available to facilitate transfers, but the cost is even higher.

Debit/ATM that can be loaded remotely

A credit/debit card allows you to transfer money rechargeable in pre-loaded card of the recipient through FedEx. The good thing about this wire is that you can send a thousand dollars only 5 dollars lower. With over 1 million ATMs worldwide, this mode is considered to be the fastest, most accessible and cheapest mode of sending cash.

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