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How to open Offshore Bank account

We have discussed in this article as an open offshore bank account.

Offshore bank accounts are available from three institutions of various banking corporations. It is HSBC, LLoyds TSB and Barclays. These banks provide offshore accounts in Sterling, US dollars and euros. These accounts are easy to open, convenient and absolutely safe to use.

There are several reasons why people decide to open your offshore account. One of the main reasons is that developing countries are often characterized by political and economic instability, so people looking for safer places to keep cash. Moreover, by opening an offshore bank account you become a customer of a reputable multinational financial institution that provides enhanced security and protection in case of financial crisis.

In addition to security, offshoring offers many banking products and services that are not available in the customer’s country of residence. Also in many cases people try to save money on taxes through offshore accounts. But in this case, you must be careful and ensure that through the use of offshore accounts, you are not violating the laws of your country.

In the internet there are many sources on offshore banking, but rarely discuss how to open offshore bank account. Rather usually discuss the advantages, disadvantages, also what is allowed and what is not. These sources almost never discuss how you open a.

Banks usually require the following documents to open an account:

1. Question Bank filled in and signed by the user;
2. a sample of your signature (some banks require this document to be certified by a notary, not sure);
3. copy of your Passport, certified by a notary;
4. a reference from your bank for each signatory to an account;
5. confirmation of your address;

Ways how to open an offshore bank account differs from one bank to the other. Varies the application form. Some require you to be signed before the notary, while some in front of the bank officer, some do not have any of these needs.

However if you want to open offshore account and avoid that meet most of the requirements that other institutions have on customers, we advise you to open your account HSBC offshore.

HSBC offshore account has the following features:

-comes in 3 different currencies.
-comes with a debit card linked to your account;
-gives you a tax advantage;
-provides special report 24/7;
-also provides internet banking service which allows you to open, close, transfer money from your account;

If you have further questions, please contact representatives of the Bank and may provide additional information on this product.

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